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Art Collectors Private Event organized by Konrad Lifestyle, Basel / Switzerland

The “K” stands for Konrad. Antoine Konrad from Basel, internationally known and successful as DJ Antoine, rocks all the famous stages of the world and the charts. His new passion: wine, champagne and accessories! He wouldn’t be Antoine if he didn’t want to go to the top with Konrad Lifestyle as well. The passion for wine was inflamed in 2004: “The Bündner winegrower Martin Donatsch asked me as ambassador for his Chardonnay Unique. In his wine cellar I realized: “At some point I would like to have my own wine label”.

”I’ve owned a house in Burgundy for almost twenty years. A perfect source of inspiration, I knew that even then. I am a connoisseur and I like to share. I appreciate inviting guests and, above all, having stimulating conversations at a large table. That is my passion. This is how new friendships develop. I associate it with lifestyle”.

What began in 2011 with an extensive tasting at Norbert Spielmann in Wertheim (Germany) has developed into a versatile and impressive product range. The Konrad Wines and the Konrad Champagne come from the best wineries in Europe. In 2017 the first Konrad Wines arrived in top Swiss restaurants. The beginning of a success story. “My wines and champagnes have their own character – that’s important to me.”

Fantastic time with my dear friends! @DJ Antoine

DJ Antoine