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Meeting with feminen and powerful Ksenia Kogan Amaro

During our meeting I was impressed by Ksenia Kogan Amaro’s female personality. Some of my hypotheses about color analysis are based on gender, gender position and sexuality. I had been studying the nature of women for decades. The slogan of my fashion company is Be Attractive with ANNA GAV Jewelry and Ksenia is absolutely confident in her attractiveness!

Ksenia Kogan Amaro is multi-talented: international concert pianist, singer, performance artist, vice-president of Fama Museu and and president Galleria Kogan Amaro.

  • Galleria Kogan Amaro represents many colourful artists. It is based in Zurich and São Paulo. Galleria Kogan Amaro participates to Art Basel Miami Beach and more world wild art fairs.